Nick & His Friends Moving Help of New Hampshire

Nick & His Friends Moving Help

Great for U-Hauls, Penske trucks, ABF trailers or any DIY Move big & small!

Thank you for visiting our page! We pick things up and put them down for a simple hourly rate. No bells and whistles. Though we offer no insurance, we're a good choice for those on a tight budget. We want to go above and beyond for you. Save your back and call us!

We look forward to helping you!

My name is Nick Felix. I began moving furniture in 2013 to help with tuition but never wanted to stop. I know the stress of moving as I had to relocate alot as a kid. Over the years, I have strived to improve my service by treating this as a discipline and an art. I want to make an impact on the moving industry by being fair-priced, organized and making it fun. Our team consists of veterans, college students and aspiring entrepenuers.

A great choice for DIY moves!

To make a reservation; please call 603-425-4255